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The law firm provides VIP attorney protection on a wide range of privacy issues individually to the client and, at his or her request, to the immediate environment. Such protection guarantees high quality of legal services for the best satisfaction of client's interests.

Personal services are provided both on a one-time basis, for the duration of a specific project, and on an ongoing basis. Payment for personal legal services is discussed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Defense in criminal proceedings

  • Protection during inspections by control bodies

  • Protection in criminal and administrative cases of corruption

  • Individual legal advice to family members of the client

  • Management of individual and related real estate and movable property

  • Legal protection of property

  • Settlement of family disputes, separation of property of spouses, settlement of inheritance cases

  • Legal protection of privacy of known persons. Indemnification for violation of the right to privacy

  • Cases of protection of honor and dignity

  • Other individual questions

In Meeting

Our clients are famous Celebritis, Athletes, famous businessmen, VIP non-residents. Tell us a call, meet you and talk!

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