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Every successful company, in our opinion, should provide free legal assistance on a voluntary basis to all who need it. Lawyers of our legal center provide free legal assistance in certain categories of cases both in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.


In order to receive free legal aid from a lawyer in Kyiv, you need to fill out the form below. We will consider your question and if we find opportunities to help, we will contact you shortly.

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To support free legal advice, we encourage you to make charitable contributions to the account of the NGO "State and Law" UA183206490000026008052747703 EGRPOU 41358618 NGO "State and Law" purpose of payment: charitable contribution to the development of civil society
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Безкоштовна правова допомога

Free legal aid for lawyers in Kyiv, Vinnytsia and Ukraine is provided by lawyers mainly in the following categories of cases:

  • recovery of salary arrears from the enterprise, private individual entrepreneur, state enterprise, institution, organization

  • compensation for damages caused by a traffic accident

  • compensation for damage caused during production

  • collection of insurance sums under the insurance contract, under the contract on personal liability insurance of the driver

  • debt collection on a promissory note

  • recovery of borrowed funds

  • appeal against the decision to refuse to pay a one-time cash benefit to a serviceman, family members of a serviceman

  • debt collection under the contract of sale

  • debt collection under the contract

  • debt collection under the supply contract

  • debt collection under an international contract

  • Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights for a citizen of Ukraine, for citizens of Russia and other countries

  • recovery of damages caused by the business entity in violation of consumer rights

  • recovery of damages caused by illegal decisions of the investigation, court, law enforcement agencies

  • appealing government decisions

  • other

It should be noted that not all cases fall under the full "free". In many cases, where we cannot provide completely free legal services, we offer our clients free legal services with the payment of legal services only when a positive result is achieved . If the result is not achieved - the client does not pay anything for the services of a lawyer.

For example, in the case of debt collection under a supply contract in the amount of 100 thousand hryvnias from a company located in Kiev. We discuss with you the prospects of the case and the desired result. When an agreement is reached, we enter into an agreement with you to provide legal services.

Our best lawyers in Kyiv provide a full range of legal services in Kyiv. The lawyer is preparing a claim. If the claim is not satisfied, our Kyiv lawyers provide this type of service as preparation of a statement of claim to the court in Kyiv . Lawyers represent your interests in the Commercial Court of Kyiv or in the district courts of Kyiv.

Then legal aid services are provided on a full cycle. If it is necessary to prepare an appeal - lawyers prepare them. If they need to prepare a cassation appeal in a debt collection case, they prepare these legal documents.

Lawyers do their best to raise funds for the benefit of the client. If you manage to collect the relevant funds, you pay say 30% of the amount owed as a "success fee". If the lawyers failed to get a penalty, it is considered that the lawyers worked for free and you do not pay anything for their work.

Similar legal services are provided by our lawyers in the cities of Vinnytsia, Lviv, Khmelnytsky and throughout Ukraine.

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